1: 1. Look for the 1776-1976 Bicentennial date. 2. Check for a "D" mintmark below the date.

2: 3. Examine the front for George Washington's bust. 4. Flip the coin to see the Independence Hall design.

3: 5. Verify the quarter's weight - should be 5.75 grams. 6. Inspect for any errors or variations in the design.

4: 7. Use a magnifying glass to check fine details. 8. Look for any unusual characteristics or markings.

5: 9. Consult a coin expert or appraiser for confirmation. 10. Keep your collection in a safe and organized place.

6: 11. Join coin collecting forums or groups for advice. 12. Share your findings and learn from other collectors.

7: 13. Be patient and diligent in your search. 14. Preserve the coin in a protective case.

8: 15. Educate yourself on the history of the quarter. 16. Enjoy the thrill of discovering a rare coin.

9: 17. Display your prized collection with pride. 18. Share the story behind your 1000 Million Bicentennial Quarter.