1: NCIS Spinoff Tony and Ziva Starring Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo Ordered at Paramount

2: Unexpected Plot Twist 1: Tony and Ziva face off against a former colleague turned enemy.

3: Unexpected Plot Twist 2: A long-lost family member of Tony's resurfaces, complicating their mission.

4: Unexpected Plot Twist 3: Ziva's undercover past comes back to haunt her in a shocking way.

5: Unexpected Plot Twist 4: Tony's loyalty is put to the test when Ziva's life is on the line.

6: Unexpected Plot Twist 5: A betrayal within the team threatens to tear Tony and Ziva apart.

7: Will they overcome these challenges or will their bond be broken for good?

8: Don't miss the thrilling NCIS Spinoff Tony and Ziva series, coming soon to Paramount.

9: Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense with Tony and Ziva at the helm.